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Dear DEMCO Staff,
Let me begin this letter concerning the Learning Center by stating that I have found the staff to be energetic, caring, child centered and most of all excellent teachers. The leadership and guidance of Dr. Linda Hackett, Director, are beyond reproach. I have grown as a parent as you and your staff offered me the ability to help my sons at home by teaching me the specific skills needed. I ‘m grateful, it allows me the opportunity to enter into the learning process with my sons.
The DEMCO staff has provided many troubled school students with the additional help to keep up with their peers. Thanks for introducing many of your lessons in a way that holds the student’s interest, especially the investigative real life experience lessons. I also enjoy these experiences with my sons. I have been able to talk with their classroom teachers in a manner that I feel is appropriate because of the individual conversations about each of my sons, that I’ve with the your staff.
Thanks for helping my sons their grades have improved and we are happier when studying together.

Florsetta Batson May 20, 2015

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I want to take this opportunity to THANK YOU and your staff for further engaging both of my boys in education. Even though I had to “get in line” to use my laptop because they were always checking how the stocks were doing, it was enjoyable and a learning experience at the same time.
If there is anything I can ever do to help further your cause please call on me. I have always been an advocate for children, having served on the school board in upstate NY, am currently the PTO President at CMS for the 2nd year, served on the committee for Special Education for the state of NY, taught in Maryland and serve on several committees for the Superintendent of School’s for the Capital School District.Sincerely,
Thank you again for all you have done, you truly are a teacher we need more of.

Dennis S. Hallock, Sr PTO President, Central Middle School May 20, 2015

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I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Casson to design and promote a tutorial program that would benefit the students in the Capital School District…For the past three years, Dr. Casson and his organization, DEMCO, has provided group and individual tutorials for over three hundred (300) students. Support in the areas of math, reading, and writing have especially benefited the students and more than 90% of the parents surveyed stated that their child passed the DSTP.

Tina Huff, Ed. D. Assistant Superintendent CapitalSchool District May 20, 2015