The DEMCO Academy has been serving the communities in the State of Delaware, specifically Kent County, for over 18 years. DEMCO staff is comprised of an experienced team of experts in key areas such as mathematics, reading, language arts, science, history, substance abuse prevention, violence & suicide prevention, economics, social studies, mandarin Chinese and computer science.

DEMCO has partnered with the Capital School District, Brandywine School District, Seaford School District, New Castle County School District, Christina School District, Laurel School District, Caesar Rodney School District and Delaware State University to provide both academic, substance abuse prevention, suicide prevention, violence prevention and social development programming. As a former Delaware Certified Federal Supplemental Educational Service provider, DEMCO has also established a standard of excellence in instruction, processes and management. DEMCO is proud to have serviced over 90% of the schools in the Kent County in the aforementioned areas. Examples of these programs include the following:

Real Talk: Keeping it 100

This course is designed to counteract the many obstacles faced by young males in their personal and academic lives. This rap session will be led by professional males that have overcome similar obstacles. This course encourages open dialogue and candor as we discuss real life events that affect their daily lives. This course will involve travel to museums, movies, plays, sporting events, etc. Ten (10) students max.

Course Duration: Six (6) weeks. One (1) hour sessions per week

Saving Our Daughters

This course is designed to mentally, physically and academically support our young at-risk girls. This course will be led by an experienced social work professional and offer opportunities for open dialogue. The young girls will be given real-life exercises that build self-esteem, confidence and motivation.

Course Duration: Six (6) sessions. One (1) hour per week

Cultural Health Ambassador Project (CHAP)

CHAP is modeled after Michigan’s Theater Troupe/Peer Education Project referenced from the National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Policies. Additionally, programming for CHAP incorporates the implementation of prevention program models endorsed by the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention, Department of Health and Human Services, as well as skilled instruction in an array of cultural art-forms, offered by locally known and respected artists.

Course Duration: Four weeks

5 Senses of Leadership

This course is designed to challenge your current style of leadership, with the idea that as you complete each session and activity you will evaluate yourself, ideas and current leadership practices. Whether you are an aspiring leader or have been in leadership for several years, the sessions developed in this course are designed to help you avoid the pitfalls of management by heightening your sense of leadership. As a result, you are a more effective, efficient and productive leader. The people that you lead will respect and appreciate you; more importantly they will not have a problem following you due to your mastery of your Sense of Self, Value, Consequence, Power, and Respect!

Course Duration: Five (5) weeks. One (1) hour per week

Weird Science

Students will uncover the exciting world of experimental science through highly interactive instruction. The course will also reinforce the common core standards learned in their school.

Course Duration: Five (5) sessions. One (1) hour per week

Math, Reading, and Writing Tutorials

This tutorial session is designed to meet the student at their respective academic need in Math, Reading, and Writing. Our highly trained tutors will accurately assess the needs of the student and design a learning plan uniquely focused on increasing their academic achievement level. Eight (8) student max

Session Duration: Fifteen (15) hours minimum. One (1) hour per session