DEMCO Academy


The DEMCO Academy is committed to serve as an environment outside the traditional classroom, which will serve as a community resource, sharing methodologies to approach curriculum instruction, and assessment. DEMCO will use a wide variety of techniques and options to meet the needs of diverse student populations. DEMCO’s commitment is to help every student achieve high academic standards. To this end, various methodologies will be offered at every level, identifying and efficiently responding to the full gamut of learner needs and interests, challenging all students to achieve their maximum performance level.

The DEMCO Academy After School Program has been serving the Kent County community for over 18 years. DEMCO staff is comprised of volunteers with a core staff group of seven. DEMCO has partnered with the Capital School District and Delaware State University as well as servicing over 90% of the schools in the county through individualized tutorials, group tutorials and various academic and financial programs as listed below:

Stock Market Challenge:

Economic empowerment is only obtained through financial literacy. To achieve this goal, DEMCO has partnered with Delaware State University and the Capital School District to offer Camp Wall Street. Camp Wall Street employs a simulated stock trading software to teach the fundamentals of investment, creating wealth and mathematics. Students are given $1 million dollars to invest and are rewarded based on their portfolios.


“Math in the City” is a program developed by DEMCO to uncover the many applications of mathematics in our everyday lives. This program engages students through real world scenarios and affords them the opportunity to make daily decisions based on their understanding of mathematics. DEMCO has partnered with Central Middle School to offer this program.

Individual and Group Tutorials:

DEMCO has conducted over 10,000 hours of individual and group tutorials over the past six years. DEMCO has tutored k – 12 and adult learners in the areas of Mathematics, Social Studies, Reading, Writing, Mandarin Chinese, Praxis, SAT, GED, GRE and GMAT.

SAT Prep:

Study smart with an integrated course that will prepare you for all aspects of the SAT exam. This course offers in-depth instruction focused on content and test-taking strategies that will make you ready to attack the test from all angles.


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